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Wereth 11 Massacre
The Malmedy Massacre

World War II veterans from all countries and all branches of the service die at an alarming rate every day. Soon, the stories of the war that they experienced, and that only they can tell, will die with them. That war and their sacrifices should never be forgotten.

War veteran Horst Muller is haunted by dreams of an unspeakable day of violence that he can never forget. Did his best buddy -- now seemingly lost forever -- betray his friendship by fatally shooting unarmed POW'S ? Will he ever put aside the guilt and shame of not halting the death of a man he had seen as a kindred spirit? And what of the mysterious letter he received decades ago that he can't bring himself to open?
      When his computer-gaming grandson makes friends with a boy he knows only as Paul, it sets in motion a trans-Atlantic quest for the truth of what really happened that fateful day in an infamous massacre.